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Insofit is a subsidiary of a renowned international brand with a presence in over 10 countries worldwide. We’ve been committed to providing cutting-edge orthotics to improve foot health.

  • Orthotic Materials

    Our orthotics are crafted from a blend of high-quality materials including Carbon Fibre, Thermoplastic Plate, and EVA. These materials work synergistically to alleviate joint pain, enhance balance, and alleviate muscle fatigue by conforming precisely to the foot's ergonomics.

  • Customization Process

    We pride ourselves on our efficient customization process, which tailors orthotics to our patients' feet in under 10 minutes. Our innovative technology allows for molding the orthotic to the patient's foot using heat, with options for weight-bearing, semi-weight-bearing, and non-weight-bearing systems.

  • Diverse Range of Orthotics

    We offer a diverse range of orthotics to accommodate various needs and lifestyles, with four main types available. Our orthotics are designed to fit 99% of shoes, including sandals, ensuring versatility and comfort for our patients.

  • Success with Podiatrists

    The Insofit concept has garnered significant success among Europe and US podiatrists, particularly on the East Coast. Our orthotics are widely available in clinics, and we are excited to expand our network and offer the Insofit experience to more patients across the country.

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