Managing Chronic Inflammation

Injuries of the lower back, legs or feet can be a source of distress for many. Prolonged pain and healing time could indicate your body is struggling to heal itself due to an underlying cause such as chronic inflammation.
Chronic Inflammation is a sign the body is under all sorts of stress which can place a great amount of strain on the natural healing processes that would normally take place. Those experiencing an extreme amount of muscle and joint pain could be doing so because their body is chronically inflamed. In this text, we will look into chronic inflammation and how we can ensure our bodies are given the best chance possible at healing the site with ease.
The list below displays diseases in which inflammation is thought to be part of, or ALL of the aetiology of the disease. The first three are autoimmune diseases. This type of disease is known to affect over 1 million Australians and is a leading cause of death in women under 65 in the Western world.

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