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Our leather Premium insoles are essential to avoid friction, pressure sores and excess stress on the feet.

Our custom orthotics match foot length and width as well as provide proper support for the heel.

Our leather premium arch support insoles are specifically designed for your foot problem, whatever that might be. Pain in your foot, limbs and back could all be caused by unsupportive and ineffective footwear. Our leather premium shoe supports mean you can continue with your activities, without compromise.

Arch support insoles help align the foot into the right position. This helps to reduce or prevent over pronation or rolling by cushioning and controlling how the foot can move within the shoe. All our insoles are designed with sophisticated holistic, medical technologies, using premium materials for the support you need.

The Leather Premium insoles are ideal for foot and heel conditions such as:

✔Flat Feet

✔Plantar Fasciitis

✔Foot, Arch and Heel Pain



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